Your Path

From the moment you enter our office, you will feel a new optimism about your thinner and healthier future. You’ll sense our caring. You’ll benefit from our experience and expertise. It’s about your weight and so much more – your health and your quality of life.  Much more than a diet, it’s a scientific and holistic approach to weight control.

Dr. Gail has designed her program from the ground up, carefully selecting the best of proven scientific evidence, and continually updating it in step with ever-changing knowledge.  We teach and empower you to use evidence-based skills and tools to change the habits that haven’t served you well, so that you can transform your thoughts, your actions, and your body.  Studies show that comprehensive programs work best; hers is both comprehensive and highly personalized.

Take a New Direction to a healthier life by attending a Free Information Session where you will have the chance to meet our team and learn how Dr. Anderson can help you lose weight and maintain that loss for good. We are much more than a New Direction weight loss program or other “weight loss center”.  If you’re looking for New Direction meal replacements, we do have them – plus our unique combination of skills and support that magnify their benefits.  We offer Dr. Gail's unique expanded versions of both New Direction weight loss programs, with the degree of physician involvement and support you'll find in few (if any!) other programs.

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Medical Evaluation

After the information session, your path continues with an initial medical evaluation, including behavioral and nutritional evaluations, physical examination, and body composition analysis with resting energy expenditure calculation to assess your needs.  We understand that unless a diet plan takes into consideration your lifestyle and food preferences, it simply won’t work.  This is not a cookie-cutter approach.  Dr. Anderson will get to know you so that she can customize your weight loss plan.

A variety of tasty foods will let you stick to your diet with little or no hunger

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We also use an evidence-based method to help you lose weight faster than with ordinary diets

Your Custom Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Gail works with you to design a plan that suits you, and will personalize your diet program based on your life, medical needs, preferences, and metabolic rate.  During your Weight Loss Phase, you meet with Dr. Anderson frequently.  Her plan will help you stick to your diet with little or no hunger.

During your visits with Dr. Gail, she re-evaluates your plan in view of your personal medical circumstances such as high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, or diabetes. She evaluates your medications for ones that may cause weight gain.  Her medical approach is evidence-based, including methods confirmed by an article in the New England Journal of Medicine.  She uses proven techniques to help you stay motivated and on-course.  During these visits, she also prepares you to keep those pounds gone for good.  She guides you with both traditional and holistic methods, keeping in mind your individual preferences.  Most of our patients report more energy or feeling better well before they reach their weight loss goals.

Most of our patients report feeling better or more energy well before reaching their weight loss goals

Healthy Education and Support

We understand (because we have been there!) that there are many reasons why diets have failed you in the past.  To give your weight loss a better chance for success we have your regular visits with Dr. Gail.  We also offer (but do not require) weekly health education classes to give you the education and tools to take on a healthy lifestyle, not just a temporary weight loss. At the beginning of your program, you attend an additional unique kick-off class crafted by Dr. Gail to give you a head start on the healthy lifestyle changes you will be making during our program.  During the additional weekly classes, you learn how to change your current connection with food and start living a healthier life.  The classes are centered on three topics: 

  • Nutrition:  Learn how to make smart food choices that will help manage your weight, which foods to choose, and portion sizes for each food group.  Other topics include glycemic index, recipe makeovers and how to read food labels.
  • Habit and Lifestyle Change:  Learn how to change habits that have hindered your weight control and led to gain and regain in the past.  You’ll also learn how to deal with situations when you are face-to-face with temptation, and you’ll swap support and tips with fellow classmates.  Sample topics include managing stress, food triggers, goal setting and measuring success.  Many diet-savvy patients have told us that they regularly learn new, helpful ideas and info here.  So many patients have made long-lasting changes in their habits -- and their weight -- that we believe most people can do so, too!
  • Activity:  Learn why physical activity* is so important and how to incorporate it into your daily life.  Dieting alone isn’t enough to sustain weight loss.  We will teach you safe, easy, and effective steps towards becoming more active and burning calories to aid in your weight loss.   Sample topics include walking, mastering metabolism and fitting fitness into your schedule.
    • * Don’t worry, we don’t expect anyone to do more than they can or want.  If all you can do is twiddle your thumbs, Dr. Gail will start you out at that level and progress -- when you’re ready and able -- from there.  When Dr. Gail began to get back in shape after years of neglect, she couldn’t walk without knee pain.  She understands!

Dr. Anderson is thrilled that so many of her patients are losing weight, keeping it off, and feeling better

Putting it All Together

Since 2011, Dr. Gail's medical practice focuses only on Medical Weight Loss using proven methods of diet and education with white-glove and intensive counseling and support.  It has three key advantages:

  • Personalized:  while all her diets are evidence-based, Dr. Gail customizes them for your unique circumstances
  • Comprehensive:  her unique State-of-the-Art Program is unlike any other on Delmarva
  • Medically-Supervised:  a specialist, Dr. Gail is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine
    • Dr. Gail also uses cognitive therapy and motivational interviewing to increase patients' success

Did you know?
Losing only 5-10% of your weight can significantly lower many health risks and arthritis symptoms.
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If you’ve lost weight before or know someone who did, you’ve learned how important the weeks and months after weight loss are.  Upon successfully reaching your goal weight and reaping the many benefits of weight loss, you will enter the most important part of our program: maintenance.  During this phase you continue your health education and practice important tools to beat tempting situations with continued support from our caring staff.  Our Maintenance Phase is Dr. Gail’s pride and joy.  She is thrilled that so many of her patients are losing weight, keeping it off, and feeling better.  We make maintenance easier!