Why We Use Instant Medical History

Gail C. S. Anderson, M.D., P.A. (the “Practice”) uses Instant Medical History (“IMH”) to record your personal health information.  IMH is a computerized history-taking program and internet-based system.  

Traditional history taking has significant limitations.  For example, studies have shown that using only the traditional paper and/or verbal history, the patient is interrupted by the physician, time limits make it impossible to obtain complete histories from all patients, and about half of patient problems and concerns are missed by traditional methods.  As one article said, “With most patients, traditional interviewing is like piloting a plane without a checklist.” (Bachman, Mayo Clinic Proceedings Jan. 2003)  

On the other hand, computerized histories provide you all the time you need to provide your information at your own pace, individualize the interview for each person, provide more information to the physician (computers don’t forget important questions on Friday afternoons!), help you think of questions you want to ask the doctor, may improve communication, and have been found to be satisfying to patients. Also, the information you provide via IMH can be more easily included in the Electronic Medical Record system used by the Practice than that from old-fashioned written and oral methods.

Therefore, we are paying for this service because we believe it will improve the quality of care for you and all our patients.  We understand that Mayo Clinic and others have used this system for many years.  We trust that you will find it useful and worthwhile. 

Please click on the button below to learn more about Instant Medical History and from there proceed to provide your history via IMH: