The Better Bar Plan for Non-medical Weight Loss


A Simple Way to Weight Loss & keeping Pounds Gone for Good – for the busy person on a budget

  • Now, a weight control planfor loss and maintenance – that’s easy to follow, easy to do, that may even save you money!

  • Popularly-priced:  Food costs for meals you buy here are less than what people typically spend

  • Quick & Easy to Follow – no need to spend a whole week studying a book before you can start!  No classes or medical visits to attend, it can fit into anyone’s hectic life.  For adults 18+ only, please

  • High Protein, Low to Moderate Carbohydrate – each meal will feel like a meal & satisfy for hours

The Basics:  

  • Twice a day, you get a small meal

  • Beverage of your choice

    • 27 grams of protein to start your day right and keep you going

    • In New England Journal of Medicine, 1/13, Casazza & others confirmed:  Meal replacements promote greater weight loss.  We believe the trick is finding ones that are tasty and filling – and that ours perfectly fit that bill !!

  • Main Meal of your choice of foods – with guidance to make wise, but satisfying choices

  • 1-2 Snacks each day of Grocery Food; we doubt you’ll be hungry!

Do It Your Way Options!  

  • Maybe replace only 1 meal a day, or 2 meals, 5 days a week

  • Even combine with the support group of your choice

Get Started Now -- Quick & Easy!

  • If the Better Bar Plan is your definite choice, no need to attend an Info Session  

  • Just call (410) 341-0005 and make an appointment to come in and sign up; it takes only minutes

  • If you also want to learn about our Medical Weight Loss options, then call (410) 341-0005 to register for an Information Session where you’ll learn about both programs


Included in your Small, One-time Program Fee: far more than you’d expect!

  • Body Composition Testing with scientifically estimated daily “Metabolic Rate” (Resting Energy Expenditure).  We even help you use this to select your personal daily calorie level

  • The Better Bar Plan Manual, written by us, from our knowledge and experience.  Each section is short, practical, and easy to follow and do.  With exercise and habit change tips that you may not have seen elsewhere

  • Personal orientation to the diet.  Bring a Buddy and you’ll Both Save $$

  • Our own Kick Off to Kick Butt Coaching Class and Toolkit developed by us from the best of the evidence.  Many of our medical patients report this was a key factor in their success!

How do we save you all this time and money?  We made it a non-medical program.  As with any other non-medical diet program or book, you agree to get your primary care provider’s OK for diet and exercise & have them do any other necessary medical supervision.