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Dr. Anderson is exclusively focused to helping people on Delmarva lose weight and keep it off! After treating cancer patients in Radiation Oncology, she decided she would rather work towards preventing diseases (like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) than treat it. She realizes the highest probability of success comes from a weight loss plan you know you can stick with. Therefore, she will personalize her program to you.

Whether you are starting your weight loss journey, or just need to get rid of those last 5-20 pounds, Dr. Anderson has a plan to get you on your way toward your goals. She will personalize her program to fit into your lifestyle and goals. Our programs are all medically supervised to make sure weight is lost as safely and effectively as possible.

National Weight Control Registry studies have shown that more intensive approaches (like ours) to weight loss yield a higher success rate for losing weight and maintaining that loss. Our program offers all the tools you need for weight loss and successfully keeping the weight off. Her medical supervision reduces risks.

Weight loss can lead to a healthier life with less pain, less medication, and more energy.

Dr. Anderson is committed to helping Delmarva lose weight. Won’t you make the same commitment to your health? Come join us for a free information session to learn all about how our comprehensive program can start you on the path to a healthy life. Please call us today to reserve your seat in our next free information session or have a free personal conversation.

Dr. Anderson's passion is YOUR weight loss, and she won't rest until you succeed!

Dr. Gail Anderson, M.D., has earned certification as a
Diplomate, American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM)

Gail C. S. Anderson, M.D., P.A. - Salisbury, Maryland      410-341-0005
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