Dr. Gail Anderson's Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Gail Anderson invites you to Lose Weight, Feel Great – and keep Pounds Gone for Good!  A physician dedicated full-time to non-surgical Medical Weight Loss, Dr. Anderson is exclusively focused on helping the people of Delmarva lose weight and keep it off.  This is her passion and her purpose.

Whether you are just starting your weight loss journey or just need to do away with those last 10—20 pounds, Dr. Anderson has a plan to get you going – and keep you on track through Maintenance. She will personalize her evidence-based program to fit your life and goals.

Our program offers all the tools you need for weight loss and keeping the weight off.  Dr. Gail’s medical supervision reduces risks and increases success.  She is not just a Medical Director; weight management is her only practice.  Dr. Gail will be personally and intensively involved in your care.

Weight loss can lead to a healthier life with less pain, less medication, and more energy. Dr Gail is committed to helping you. Won’t you make the same commitment to your health? Let her help you on your journey.  Come join us for a free information session to learn how our comprehensive, individualized and holistic program can start you on the path to a healthy life.

Please call us today to reserve your seat in our next free information session -- and plan to join our next group of successful maintainers!



With weight loss, our patients report feeling better, more energy, and less joint pain

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Others tell you "what to do"; we teach you how to do it -- for long-term success!

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We use an evidence-based method to help you lose weight faster than with ordinary diets

Dr. Gail Knows and Understands

Your weight and your health will be in the knowledgeable, caring hands of Gail C.S. Anderson, M.D., a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.  Dr. Gail is intensively involved in each patient’s care (not just a Medical Director whom you barely see, if at all); she will treat you as she likes to be treated.  Dr. Gail’s only focus is weight management:  from careful evaluation and diet selection based on your individual needs, through your weight loss and beyond to maintenance, Dr. Gail and her team is with you every step of the way.

Dr. Gail Anderson

For Dr. Gail, it’s professional -- and personal!  During 25 years in radiation oncology (over 15 here in Salisbury), Dr. Gail despaired of seeing many of her cured cancer patients later suffer or die from chronic diseases. She learned that avoiding excess weight may be the single most important factor in improving longevity.  Dr. Anderson felt compelled to “practice what she preached,” so she dropped over 50 pounds, a loss she’s maintained for over 10 years.  

Her interest in weight management grew from a concern to her medical hobby and then to her passion.  She realized that she’d rather work to prevent disease than need to treat it.  She studied the new field of obesity medicine intensively (and earned certification as a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine).  Then she and her husband rehabbed an office into a bright, cheery space that can’t help but make you smile.

Since 2011, Dr. Gail has been helping patients lose weight, feel great, and keep pounds gone for good.  Now it’s your turn to benefit from her knowledge, caring and experience.


Our program is:

• Medically Supervised • Comprehensive • Personalized

Results to Smile About

Research shows: Previous failure does not mean you can’t succeed. We know how to help!

Free Information Session

Free information sessions are regularly held at our Salisbury office. Please give us a call today to reserve your seat and see how our weight loss program can work for you.


Losing just 10-12% of your weight may significantly lower your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Many patients reduce – or stop – their medications.

Attending a Free Information Session is the best way to learn what we offer:

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From the moment you enter our office, you will feel a new optimism about your thinner and healthier future.  You’ll sense our caring.  You’ll benefit from our experience and expertise.  It’s about your weight and so much more – your health and your quality of life.  Much more than a diet, it’s a scientific and holistic approach to weight control. We make weight loss easier!